"Shanda's presentation was not only very entertaining but also very motivating. What a marvelous  voice this woman possesses!"

� Carolyn S. Redmond,
V.P. Programs


"Your shining
spirit and glorious singing brought the best alive in us all and united us in the reality of freedom, space and joy. This has not happened,
as you made it happen yesterday,
in a long long time."

� Nevada Federation of Republican Women

People will always smile when they say "Shanda Lear!" My parents, Moya and Bill Lear agreed with my grandfather, Ole Olsen..

After all he was co-author and star of "Hellzapoppin", the longest running show on Broadway before "Cats", a famous comedian and he knew what would make people laugh!

... After kindergarten, it was all down hill. I quickly learned to look for the bright side of every challenge. (At least people remembered my name.)

By the time I was 17, I had been the "lead" in one musical and one stage play. I recorded for Decca Records in Italy when I was 20. I recorded two albums of songs, one of lullabies, the other a collection of songs about flying.

I was the "canary" for  several Swing Bands in the Los Angeles County area and now, for the Beach Cities Big Band in Orange County California. Well what do I sing like? Of course, you will decide for yourself. However, if it is any help, appreciative band leaders have described me as earthy, spiritual, glamorous, warm, caring and funny. As far as my musician ship is concerned, if eighteen guys in a big band, raise their eyebrows, nod and smile at me while I'm singing, I must be OK. I liked this review: "A hot new singer who enchants audiences with her stories, comic timing, and passion."


  • "Out of the Blue" Songs about flying, space travel and how the power of thought transcends material obstacles
  • Italian Night Includes Quando Quando, That's Amore, Come Prima & Non Dimenticar
  • French Night I Love Paris, S'est Si Bon, La Vie En Rose & many more
  • American Pop Classics George & Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin
  • Patriotic You're a Grand Old Flag, God Bless the USA, Star Spangled Banner, WWII Medley & more
  • Love Songs Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries & For All Occasions
  • Sing-A-Long Program Songs with a positive uplifting tone unite guests who join together  with song sheets or words are projected on a screen
  • Standup ("The Ice House" "Tres Amigo")
  • "The Comedy Store"
     (Medela Sales Event)
  • Comedy Raps
    "Just A Teenager Who's Older Than You"
    "Breastfeed Ya' Baby" Rap HREF="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaR-pvh4K_g&feature=youtu.be">
  • Musical Tribute to Flight (With video footage)
  • The Secret to the Success of Moya & Bill Lear
  • Taking Off (One Woman's Inspiring Journey)
  • Lullabies of Love
    (For Parents & Baby)
  • Shanda and her husband Terry performed regularly for nine years (until the recession in 2008) with Chester Whitmore's Opus One Big Band in the Los Angeles areaWhen Chester's band performs there are usually wonderful dancers in "fourties" costumes dancing and doin' aerials. Chester Whitmore the band leader is also a great choreographer. He teaches  the swing dance class before the band plays.  For more info call 310 502 9810
  • Shanda and Terry also perform with 18 musicians Beach Cities Big Band of Orange County
  • Shanda Lear... And All That Brasss! A nine musician little big band. "http//www.shandalear.com"

Please go to www.shandalear.com where you can listen to excerps of the heart-pumpin' big band standards of Shanda Lear... And All That Brasss! and buy your very own copy of "Dancin' and Romancin" when you come to our performances. Check Facebook for times. Also available are cassettes of Lullabies of Love : 22 lullabies from 19 different countries,  Out Of the Blue: a tribute to flight (songs about flying), and "Just a Teenager... who's older than you": a comedy rap protesting "mothers" rights.

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