is a collection of lullabies from around the world sung by Shanda Lear. It  includes a great variety of tunes from twenty-one countries, collected  through music libraries and ethnological museums throughout the U.S. and Europe.

The  music was created and arranged to please today's listener while preserving the distinctive style of each country as well as traditional musical instruments. Original lyrics were written maintaining the poetic aspects while eliminating the tales of violence. Throughout the tape, priority was given to generating an atmosphere of warmth and love.

The  authors paid particular attention to the creative and artistic aspects  of the project. They found that although some lullabies were included in folklore and children's records, an album which was designed exclusively to lull a baby to sleep, was not on the market. Parents were interviewed and they all recognized the need for help in playing with their children  and getting them to sleep. They also appreciated the "early learning" importance of music in the child's development.

Throughout history it has been customary to sing a baby to sleep. Mothers of today know that singing peaceful songs not only helps relax children, but also has the advantage of establishing a time of mother-child closeness which is of psychological and physical importance to both of them.

It has been difficult for parents to find enough appropriate and interesting  lullabies. The texts of the songs included in this collection were written to meet this need. In a light-hearted fashion that appeals to children, the lyrics also reflect today's attitudes and invite family togetherness.

can inspire a parent to sing regularly to their baby. Babies enjoy being sung to (and always think their mother and father have wonderful voices!).

was  produced in stereo by composer Graziano Mandozzi & lyricist Gian-Carlo Bertelli. Original music registered with SUISA. Original  lyrics registered with SIAE.

Course Presented By Shanda Lear
To Perinatal Department Nurses
"Lullabies of Love: Synonymous with High Touch and Low Stress"

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction, "My Sweet Scented Baby," an Italian lullaby.
  2. Research on the role of repetitive rhymed messages and harmonic sequences in 6/8 time.
  3. "Duerme,  Duerme, Chiquito," a Caribbean lullaby.
    • The history  of the lullaby as an insight into the plight of women in different cultures.
    • "Hush-a-bye Baby," an English lullaby.
    • Political ditty to curse infant king.
    • The Matrix Theory as it applies to maternal dysfunction.
    • The role of fear in infant and maternal outcome and attachment parenting.
    • The sense of being separate from the ability to be loving.
    • "Short is the Springtime," a Japanese lullaby.
  4. Love,  a verb and a vibration: active and repetitive, eliciting a response of familiarity and comfort.

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