y parents, Moya and Bill Lear loved going against the status quo and naming me was just another example of their unusual way of thinking. At the dinner table, they taught us the fun of solving problems. They proved again and again that dreams do come true if you know that the thought came to you from a "Higher Source"; it is OK to get excited about this vision of what needs to be accomplished.; everything you need to get the job done is within you . As I look back, it amazes me that I have always been looking for understanding, or the light. My family of extraordinary mavericks taught me quantum physics long before there was a name for it. In other words, what you see (in your mind's eye) is what you get. How were they to know that all my life I would be interested in the infinite facets of the mind? Letting my own particular kind of "light" shine, I have been sharing one-on-one, or to thousands at a time, what I learned from my grandparents and my parents on how to improve the quality of life by changing the way you think about things. They had other names for it. I call it "mental engineering." (TM)

Their teaching has influenced my own life. At fourteen, I convinced my Mom she'd be lonely going around the world all by herself. Within a week, I had all the shots, got out of school, and saw Saigon when it still belonged to France. I never did return to the United States. My Italian press agent and I married and, after our first baby was born, worked together to change public opinion about women and their ability to feed their babies with their own bodies. My singing career had to be put on hold. However my show-business talents were not wasted. Inspired by my parents disregard for the status quo and imagining with my mouth open, the Swiss and the Italians were motivated to disregard tradition and even change national legislation regarding breastfeeding. The hospitals and universities, where most of my teaching occurred, improved their management of breastfeeding to the extent that, in a recent survey, the chief department heads claim to have a 97% success rate in having mothers exclusively breastfeed during the first month. . By the time I was 40, had 3 children, founded the Informed Parenthood Assn. of Nevada and the Italian Division of the La Leche League, an International Organization to "mother-the-mother" and promote breastfeeding. The first International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in Europe, I wrote numerous publications on the feeding and nurturing of parents and babies.

"The Secrets behind the Success
of Moya and Bill Lear and the Learjet"

omeone recently asked me, "Why don't you just drink Piņa Coladas under a palm tree? You don't have to make money. Why are you doing all this?"   Since I was four years old I have been comforting people, giving them messages of comfort and cheer when they share their troubles with me. My goal has always been to lift thought to a higher point of view and to inspire. It's just what I do.

From the time I was 11 years old, I lived in Europe. For the past 20 years, I have served on a telephone hot-line and taught in Hospitals and Universities information which helps parents improve the quality of family life. In 1988, I returned to the United States. I didn't want to be a teacher anymore. I wanted to fulfill my dream to become an entertainer. My dreams did come true and I was hired again and again. Often I was "desert" for fund-raisers for different political parties. As I became aware that the parties differed in the way they felt disadvantaged people should be cared for, I yearned to be of help.

It occurred to me to share how my father overcame poverty, parental abuse and lack of education. I hired a Hollywood director to help me trim the story down to a manageable 55 minutes. The name of my multi-media presentation became " The Secrets behind the Success of Moya and Bill Lear and the Learjet" . It is a classic American "rags to riches" story. It has been performed over one hundred and fifty times all over the United States. Like Topsy, it has grown. Now projects in development include a documentary film, TV mini-series, feature film, and Broadway Musical of the story.

A long time friend who has heard my story several times was traveling home with me. He said, "If you have never ridden in a Learjet, it is hard to get the full importance of your story. " I agreed. From that moment on we started brainstorming about how we could help people have that experience and the idea for the virtual reality venue called the "Learjet Ride to Success" was born.

 Many great people  are eager to join in the thrill of seeing this project "take  flight". Now we just have to be lead to choose the right  group of people to make it happen.

Secrets That Helped The Lears Achieve Their Goals


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