y parents, Moya and Bill Lear loved going against the status quo and naming me was just another example of their unusual way of thinking. At the dinner table, they taught us the fun of solving problems. They proved again and again that dreams do come true if you know that the "dream" that came to you... came from a "Higher Source"; it is OK to get excited about this vision of what needs to be accomplished; everything you need to get the job done is within you. As I look back, it amazes me that I have always been looking for understanding, or the light. My family of extraordinary mavericks taught me quantum physics long before there was a name for it. In other words, what you "hold to be true in consciousness" manifests itself. How were they to know that all of my life I would be interested in the infinite facets of the Mind? Letting my own particular kind of "light" shine, I have been sharing one-on-one, or to thousands at a time, what I learned from my grandparents and my parents on how to improve the quality of life by changing the way you think about things. "Letting my Light Shine" YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdi-OHkBZLcqAB1AQ178AHw They had other names for it. I call it "Mental Engineering." (TM)

"The Secrets behind the Success
of Moya and Bill Lear and the Learjet"

o their teaching as well as traveling and living around the world has influenced the way I think about things. We moved to Switzerland when I was eleven. My friends at school were sons and daughters of diplomats at the UN. We were all interested in world affairs.

We had to return to the US because of the Hungarian Revolution in 1959 and, there, I went to Chadwick school with Liza Minelli, Rocky Brynner, Dina and Tina Martin and sang the lead role as YumYum in the Mikado with Randy Carmichael, Hogeys son. Towards the end of the school year, I convinced my Mom, who had planned a trip around the world, that she would be lonely if she went all by herself, would miss Dad, and come back the same way she came never getting aaaalll the way around the world! Realizing I was right, within a week, I had all the shots and got out of school. Dad had business in Tokyo. So we stopped in Honolulu. Stayed at Don the Beachcomber's hotel. Don asked Duke to teach me how to surf. I sang YumYums song in a geisha house in Tokyo for all the top brass at Mitsubishi including Mr. Mitsubishi himself; saw Saigon when it still belonged to France; visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia; saw the Taj Mahal and Kashmir and then we met up with Dad, on the other side of the globe, in Greece where we had a little vacation house on a dirt landing strip on the Peloponnesian Peninsula in Greece. I never did return to the United States. I convinced mom to book me into a Swiss boarding school so that there were no distractions and graduated highschool at 16 with very honorable mention. Did a year and a half of College at U of Michigan (that's another story) and then went to study singing in London and then on to gigs in Switzerland and France.

My Italian press agent and I married and, after our first baby was born, I realized that breastfeeding a baby had become a lost art. Nobody seemed to know how to do it and everyone encouraged me to bottle feed my baby. They told me that only natives in undeveloped countries breastfed their babies and that it wasn't what MODERN women did! So I encouraged my husband to go to Reno to help my Dad... because I really wanted to go to La Leache League meetings to learn how to breastfeed my baby. I did massive research to find out how to get mothers back to breastfeeding their babies. I served on the La Leche League telephone hot-line in the USA and Europe and taught in Hospitals and Universities and even sent the breastfeeding information to Lady Di when William was born and have a very nice thank you note from Buckingham Palace.

In 1988, I returned to the United States. I had been on the front lines of battle against medical ignorance and the all-powerful multi-national formula companies. I didn't feel I could continue helping in the breastfeeding world anymore. (Some call it PTSD!) So I decided to use my talent for singing to bring inspiration to the world, starting with the world I knew, which was the world of aviation that knew and loved me. This led me also to sing at community and national events. At an international convention for airshow performers, I danced with the US Navy Commander you call at the Pentagon to have a Stealth bomber show up at your airshow! While we were dancing, he shared with me how hurt he was that people spit on him when he came back from Vietnam. So my heart went out to him and I shared some of Dad's stories about how he had overcome adversity. After the dance, this dear man said, Shanda, you should not just be a singer at these events, you should be telling your dad's story because you have comforted me. (!)

After months of research in the family archives, taking pictures of proof sheets with a macro lens, I was able to collect the pictures and key information on how my father overcame poverty, parental abuse and lack of education, and how meeting and marrying my mother, Moya, who focused on the "GOOD" in my father.... was the "glue" that held everything together and helped him to be the iconic figure of success that he became. Then I hired a Hollywood director to help me trim the story down to a manageable 55 minutes. It is a classic American "rags to riches" story. It had been performed over one hundred and fifty times all over the United States, before I met and married Terry Baylor and we started producing Lear Electric Boats! . The name of my multi-media presentation is " The Secrets to the Success of Moya and Bill Lear and the Learjet". Go to this link to see and hear some of it: https://www.aviationspeakers.com/shanda-lear .

Secrets That Helped The Lears Achieve Their Goals