What was my first attempt at being a business woman? I'm not sure, but I remember listening attentively to my dad say that if you can figure out what the world needs, and make it available for sale, your financial worries will be over. Ah, the creative world of sales!

   The Learjet is the result of his turning systematically with scientific certainty to a Higher Source with the motive of improving the quality of life. His motive was to use all of his talents to bring good to our world. It was never just to make money. He knew with no doubt in his mind, that his needs would be met. I feel the same about my purpose in life and let myself be governed by that inner driving force that has never let me down.

For the past twenty years I have been helping my husband Terry Baylor develop the LEAR204 Electric boat. I feel all the work I have done to date in the nonprofit sector and in entertainment have prepared me to support this important project.

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